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When To Stop Granular Fertiliser - Winter

13 May 2022 0 Comments

During the Autumn months you will notice your lawns growth starts to slow down and the closer we get to Winter its vibrant green colour that you are use to starts to taper off. There eventually comes a point where your lawn eventually goes into dormancy and the timing of that depends on your climate and weather conditions. 

There is a cross over point where your lawns ability to take in nutrients changes and that is due to little things called microorganisms. Studies have found that the temperature of the soil plays a major effect on microbial activity, what this means for your lawn is that there is less usable nutrients available in the soil for the roots to absorb. 

There is no exact time for when you should stop using granular fertilisers, although some experts state that a good guide is once soil temperatures drop below 14 degrees celsius. This is because the microorganisms struggle to break down the granular fertilser into usable nutrients before it is inevitably washed away with the rain that Winter brings. This is the point that switching to a good quality liquid fertilser like GLS Green Envy is recommended.

Liquid fertilsers are a good way to get nutrients into your lawn without having to rely on microbial activity to help. For the best results when using a liquid fertilisers a foliar application is recommended, meaning you need to spray it on to the leaf of the plant for it to be absorbed.

GLS Green Envy has been designed as an all year round product, although one of the advantages to using this over the cooler months is that as other lawns start to struggle with nutrient intake via the roots, your lawn will remain that dark emerald green colour that we all love. This is due to the combination of Nitrogen, Iron and Magnesium. 

We hope this information will be helpful in keeping your lawn in top condition over the winter period. If you would like to discuss any of the above or need help with selecting the right products for your lawn please don't hesitate to reach out to Green Lawn Supplies.

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