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New Product Range!!

07 Jul 2022 0 Comments

Its an exciting time at Green Lawn Supplies.

During the month of July we are launching our new range of products. After previously supplying the 2Spec range of granular fertilisers, we have been able to upgrade to Nuturf's professional range moving forward. Nuturf Black Label granular fertiliser range is what the experts use on golf courses around Australia and now you have access to it for your home lawn use.

The advantages of using this premium range of granular fertilisers are;

1) The enhanced prill coating of the fertiliser reduces dusty and improves the flow through spreaders

2) A lower application rate means you use less per square meter 

3) Due to the use of a premium coating on the fertiliser prills how often you fertilise is reduced 

The second exciting announcement is that we have also teamed up with Nuturf to release our very own range of liquid fertilisers and wetting agent, moving away from the Fertch and Hydrolink brands you are use to. 

No need to worry as the specially formulated product that are powered by Nuturf and based off their premium range of products that are sold to green keepers Australia wide. 

Things you will notice with the new liquid products;

1) Easy to read application guides

2) More concentrated product meaning less needed per application

We understand that change comes with its challenges, but we are here to help. If you are use to using a particular product and are not sure of what you should now be using, or just need everyday advice, reach out by clicking the 'Chat with us!' button. We love our lawn and we love to help.

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