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Simple Tips for Spreading Granular Fertiliser

20 Apr 2022 0 Comments

This is a simple guide to spreading granular fertiliser on your home lawn.

 1) It is generally best to mow your lawn first to give it the most time between application of your fertilser and your next mow. This will reduce the chances of picking up left over fertiliser on your next mow

2) Using a hand spreader like the above picture can make feeding your lawn a lot easier, there are tricks to getting the required amount of fertilser evenly on your lawn though. You are best to use the lower settings (big enough for the fertilser to fit out the opening still) and going over your lawn multiple times, in a criss cross # method allows for a more even coverage. The higher the nitrogen in your fertiliser mix the more obvious overlapping of clumping of fertiliser becomes

 3) You should always water granular fertilser in to avoid it burning the leaf of your grass, 4-6mm of irrigation is recommended for a majority of fertilisers.

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