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At Green Lawn Supplies, we offer healthier and greener lawn supplies for homeowners and professional landscapers by providing high-quality Perth lawn supplies. Specialising in an extensive array of lawn care products, we empower homeowners and professional landscapers in Perth and beyond to cultivate greener grass and thriving outdoor spaces. Our products combine advanced formulations and eco-friendly ingredients with expert knowledge to deliver the perfect lawn.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in every product we offer to help you achieve a greener lawn. Our Hose On Sprayer is perfect for applying a combination of liquid products to create a green grass spray for lawn.

Liquid products such as wetting agent, kelp or seaweed products, Humic acids and more all need to be washed into the soil profile to enhance your garden's beauty and vitality.


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Free Delivery within Perth Metro On All Orders Above $50


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Western Australian Owned & Operated!


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Our heritage in professional agriculture and golf course management has honed our expertise in lawn care. This wealth of experience is now channelled into our consumer range, offering products proven to perform. Whether you're looking for granular fertilisers or liquid fertilisers and wetting agents, our Perth lawn supplies are backed by a satisfaction guarantee, bringing professional-grade quality right to your doorstep.

Home Lawn Care Products

Understanding that each lawn is unique, we provide bespoke solutions for all grass types, from buffalo to kikuyu. Our range addresses specific needs, ensuring your lawn receives the precise nutrients and care it requires to flourish. Explore our tailored offerings and find the perfect fit for your green sanctuary.

Need More Guidance On Selecting The Right Fertilisers For Your Lawn?

Our experts are here for you at every step of your green grass journey, from initial lawn setup and renovations to seasonal fertilisation strategies, we're here to guide you towards achieving your dream greener lawn.

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Fertilising Lawns Made Easy

From the same makers as 2Spec granular fertilisers, we introduce Nuturf Black Label. This is Nuturf professional range of products now available for home use.

Expert Tips for Applying Greener Grass Spray for a Lusher Lawn

In the quest for a greener lawn, many homeowners and landscaping professionals turn to effective solutions like our Hose On Sprayer for applying a combination of liquid products to create a greener grass spray. This innovative product, designed to enhance the verdant hue of your turf, has become a staple in effective lawn care products. Applying spray with our Hose On Sprayer can efficiently transform your outdoor space into a lush, vibrant oasis.

Understanding the Basics of Greener Grass Spray

Greener grass spray nourishes your lawn, providing essential nutrients that contribute to overall health and growth. When applied correctly, it not only enhances the green but strengthens your lawn against environmental stressors

Application Tips for Optimal Results

  • Timing Matters: Early morning or late afternoon applications help avoid the evaporation that occurs in the heat of the day, ensuring your lawn absorbs every beneficial drop.
  • Consistent Coverage: Use a uniform motion to spray, ensuring even coverage across your lawn. This prevents patchiness and ensures a uniformly lush look.
  • Follow Instructions: Each product has specific guidelines regarding dilution and application. Adhering to these ensures the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.

By incorporating greener grass spray into your lawn care routine, you're not just enhancing the colour; you're investing in the health and resilience of your turf. For those seeking comprehensive solutions, explore our range of lawn care products designed for all grass types, including buffalo, couch, and kikuyu. Achieve the vibrant, healthy lawn you desire with the right tools and techniques at your disposal.

Granular Fertiliser Application Guide

Whilst there is always specific factors for your individual lawn, the majority of lawns will see the best results from the below fertiliser application guide. For more details please review each individual product page or reach out to use for some advice.

Achieving a vibrant, healthy lawn has never been easier with Green Lawn Supplies. Our Perth-based team is dedicated to providing you with the finest lawn care products, from our Hose On Sprayer to apply green grass spray for lawn to our wetting agents, kelp or seaweed products, Humic acids and more to create a greener grass spray, ensuring your outdoor space thrives.

Ready to transform your garden into a lush, green paradise? Explore our range, benefit from expert advice, and take the first step towards your ideal lawn today.

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Brad Jones


Excellent, friendly service and everything is well priced. Within 6 months of sticking to Green Lawn supplies advice, my grass looks the best it has in years and I managed to get through the last summer unscathed. Well worth the money spent and highly recommend.


Jess Robins


Ordered yesterday and had my order delivered today. Also love that I was able to message with images of my lawn and was provided the information as to what products are needed. Thank you!


Owen Hoar


Great service and products for the Perth area.


Gavin Firth


Great service team. Thanks for the quick delivery!


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Frequently Asked Questions About Perth Lawn Supplies

Which fertilisers are safe to use on Buffalo lawn?


As we sell premium grade fertilisers, our lawn care products are safe to use on all lawn varieties including buffalo.

How long after applying products, especially chemicals, before it is safe for Children and pets to go back on the lawn.


For products that need to be watered in, if done correctly you can re-enter the area straight away. For products that need to dry on the leaf, it is best to wait until they are completely dry.

Do I have lawn beetle?


The best way to check for lawn beetle is to do a soapy water test. Mixed to a similar consistency of dish washing water, you can tip a bucket of warm soapy water on the effected area at dusk or dawn. After around 10 minutes any beetles, worms, caterpillars should come to the surface. It is best to not guess what they are, reach out to us and we can help you identify your pest and the best remind moving forward.

Can I let mother nature water in my fertiliser?


It is best not to rely on mother nature to water in your fertiliser as it can very easily be underwatered where it can then potentially burn the leaf of your lawn, or over watered and washed away as it is wasted.

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