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Lawn Armyworm & Lawn Beetle

29 Sep 2022 0 Comments

As we head into Spring the focus from a lot of people is on renovating their lawn and enjoying it growing again. Spring is also the time to start considering having a preventative plan in place to avoid Lawn Armyworm and African Lawn Beetle. 

First of lets discuss Lawn Armyworm, the infestation of Army Worm across Australia over the last few years has killing even the best lawn in the street. Their name says it all, imagine an army of worms working their way across your lawn at a rate of knots shredding the leaf of your lawn and leaving it for dead. 

The moth that produces Armyworm lives year round and lays its eggs all year round, although the eggs generally prefer temperatures between 23-30C for development, the eggs still develop into worms outside of this range but generally it takes a lot longer. 28C is the perfect temperature for development which means the full cycle is complete within 30 days meaning the larvae will be in overdrive during this time and in overdrive killing your lawn. 

Second we have Lawn Beetle, at some stage we have all had the dreaded lawn beetle. As much as it is the beetle that does most of the damage to our lawns Spring is when they generally lay their eggs and we start to see larvae appear. 

During Spring the active numbers of Lawn Beetle are generally in decline but this is the time to strike from a preventive side. 

What can we do to prevent these pests from destroying our lawn? Well fortunately there is a very simple way of doing this. Acelepryn GR is a granular formed insecticide that is easy to use by simply applying it through your fertiliser spreader. It has no PPE requirements and is safe for families and pets, although we recommend using gloves when applying and waiting until the product has been watered in prior to re-entry.

At the full application rate of 1.5kg per 100m2 the use of Acelepryn will give you 6 months protection against pests such as African Black Beetle , Argentinian Scarab, Billbugs, Cutworm, Armworm and Webworm in a single application. 

Acelepryn GR is now available in a convenient 4kg bucket, perfect for home use. As a special October offer Green Lawn Supplies, with every 4kg bucket of Acelepryn purchase you will then get 10% of any bundles and liquid fertilsers such as Kelplus, Erich Pro, Humic Pro, Green Envy and our Hydraplus wetting agent. To activate this discount use the code October22 at the checkout.  

If you would like more information please reach out to us at or via our Facebook page.


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