Amendmax NutriPlus Microbial Fertiliser (Granular Humic Acid) 150sgn

Product Content Breakdown: 0.5% N, 0.08% P, 0.6% K, 3.1% Ca, 0.5 Mg, 33ppm Cu, 107ppm Zn, 1.4ppm Fe, 356ppm Mn, 20ppm B, 1.1ppm Mo,... Read More
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Product Content Breakdown: 0.5% N, 0.08% P, 0.6% K, 3.1% Ca, 0.5 Mg, 33ppm Cu, 107ppm Zn, 1.4ppm Fe, 356ppm Mn, 20ppm B, 1.1ppm Mo, 20ppm Co, 19% Si, 35% OM

AmendMAX NutriPlus is a microbial fertiliser that relies on the activity of specific microbes and functional yeasts not normally found in soil. The technology combines the benefits of microbial activity and carbon to improve nutrient uptake efficiency (CEC) in plants leading to a potential reduction in chemical fertiliser inputs. The active ingredients of the product comprise two major components: beneficial microbes and microbial activators.

AmendMAX NutriPlus is a lignite based organic product with an ideal formulation for increasing cation exchange capacity in sand-based profiles. NutriPlus‘s high level of carbon provides many beneficial characteristics such as improving microbial activity and nutrient retention properties.

Key benefits of AmendMAX NutriPlus Microbial Fertiliser
  • Delivering 70% humic acid in a granule form
  • Increases the humus/organic matter content in soil
  • The dual action of microbe and carbon (>90%) content increases the soil cation exchange capacity (CEC)
  • A certified organic input: Australian Organic Certification Number: 10325AI
  • Improves soil biological activity
  • Enhances mycorrhizae colonisation of root systems and hastens plant development
  • Can be blended with traditional fertilisers
  • Naturally derived and environmentally friendly eco fertiliser
  • NutriPlus microbes and yeasts survive in the soil for around 150 days

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Susan Garrett
Alkalinity reuction

Our soil has PH reading of 9 and are using this product to neutralize. I intend to re test in a month

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